Coyote Roller Protects Your Pets

by Lori on November 5, 2012

Protect your Pets and Livestock with Coyote Roller


This is a great solution to coyotes jumping  our fences!  This was sent to me by Amber Abbott of Leaps n Bounds.  It can also work for those dogs who are inclined to jump your fence.  Check it out!

Coyote Rollers make it difficult for dogs, coyotes, and other animals to gain the “foothold” they need to pull themselves up and over the top of an enclosure. The Coyote Roller is designed to freely rotate with as little as 2 ounces of pressure, and yet resist 250lbs.+ of force in the center of a 4′ roller.

The Coyote Roller is a humane, non-lethal, animal protection and deterrent device that requires no power source. It’s the best product on the market, period.

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