Arizona’s Top Dog Groomer and Dog Trainer

AAADT Inc. is one of the longest standing “dog” companies in Arizona. You could say we’ve really “Gone to the dogs”! Our official start was in 1987. We are very proud to be the number one recommendation of many local veterinarians.  Your dogs deserve the top dog groomer and dog trainer in Arizona.

Arizona’s Top Dog Groomer and Dog Trainer

 Goin’ Groomin’ – Professional Dog Groomer Jerry Milroy

Our grooming division is lead by Jerry Milroy.  Jerry began his career with dogs nearly 23 years ago. He managed our security dog division of AAADT Inc. His duties included training the sentry dogs, grooming, feeding and general care of the dogs. He was committed to finding the perfect dogs for this job which generally came from local animal shelters/pounds. Many of them on the euthanasia list. He rescued these dogs and found them “work” that was suitable to their personalities. Hundreds of dogs were saved under his supervision.

This security work kept him working around the clock – literally. There were many nights that he was out supervising all night. Once he and his wife had children, he decided to choose work where he could be home at night. He sold the security division of AAADT Inc. and started Goin’ Groomin’. This was a natural extension of his expertise but Jerry attended professional grooming school to learn all the fine details of becoming a dog groomer.  After completing his schooling 16 years ago, he started grooming dogs full time. Jerry has a busy schedule of keeping lots of dogs around town beautiful. Many of his clients have been with him from day one and he looks forward to seeing them each time. He is meticulous about being “on time” and providing the best grooming available. Jerry is Arizona’s top dog groomer.

Professional  Dog Trainer Lori Milroy

Lori is our training director, started her training career 30 years ago. After attending dog training and behavioral modification school, she earned the title of master trainer. She started her career at Sun Valley Guard Dogs located in Tempe, Arizona. There she specialized in training personal protection dogs for families. At the same time, she worked part time at International School for Dogs in Scottsdale, Arizona (now called Sit Happens). At this school she focused on obedience and behavioral modification training for local families.

Following that, Lori became the head trainer at Industrial Security in Phoenix, Arizona. She was selected from a field of over 20 applications to lead the selection, training and Dog Training Classes in AZcare of sentry dogs. She also trained drug and money sniffing dogs for local law enforcement officials.

In 1987, All American Academy of Dog Training was established. Lori has been the training director for the past 30 years. Over the years, she has trained thousands of dogs for protection, obedience, behavioral modification, agility, scent detection and theatrical work. She has trained dogs for the Disney movie “Just Perfect”. She and her family have a passion for rescuing dogs that are homeless and training them until they can have a forever family of their own.  Lori is the top dog trainer for difficult dogs.

Give Arizona’s top dog groomer and dog trainer a call today! Your dogs deserve the best.