Custom Pet Tags hand stamped and uniquely made for your dog

I think Dog tags should be made special just for your dog.  If your dog is a superstar – the tag should reflect that.  If you’re dog is a teddy bear, that should be there too.  After all2 guns Im a catch Mango crown Moon and star keychain Zoe Star, tags are usually the only jewelry your dog is going to wear.


Swanky Dog Boutique makes beautiful Copper and Brass tags custom made to order.  Your dog’s name came be hand stamped to the front of the tag and their phone number is on the back.  These tags are all cut from a sheet of metal, hand stamped, and designed for just your dog.  They are then oxidized to enhance the design stamps.  They are finished up with a protective coat and wax to help them keep their shine.   They are definitely unique.  You can check out some of their designs at