Campbell the foster girl

February 7, 2013

Meet Campbell!  She is a sweet Border Collie mix that we are fostering.  I’m doing my best not to become a foster failure but she is adorable.  We are fostering her for Arizona Border Collie Rescue.  They are an amazing rescue group and you can check out their site at  Campbell was turned into […]

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Training Zoe to Herd Sheep

February 1, 2013

This is Zoe working with Cathy Sumeracki.  We’ve been working with Cathy for a few months now and Zoe got her first title last month – JHD (Junior Herding Dog)  Zoe has so much drive and loves to work sheep.  It’s amazing how much she knows instinctively about herding and how much I need to learn! Cathy has a great […]

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January 30, 2013

Meet Barney – Champion Barney!!  Barney is a beautiful Havanese who is full of personality.  Jerry groom’s Barney and all his beautiful hair!  Barney is just one of those dogs that you LOVE having around A LOT!  He comes over for sleepovers once in a while and we just love  his playful personality.  He has […]

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Dog’s misbehaving

January 30, 2013

Found this funny Tumblr blog that went viral within days of its creation. . Take of look at some of these pictures – they are hilarious.  You might even find a few “way too familiar” pictures yourself.

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January 28, 2013

This is the truth!  Dogs are amazing friends.  This little guy looks a little like my Daphne.  Give your dog a hug today for being an amazing, loyal friend.

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Callie-German Shepherd

January 24, 2013

Meet Callie- She is such a beautiful girl!!  Callie is a wonderful German Shepherd that we get the pleasure to work with.  She is incredibly smart and determined!  Callie is in private lessons with me and Jerry gets to groom her too.  Love this girl!  She is so smart that she’s teaching me all kinds […]

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West Fork Trail in Sedona – hiking with our dog

January 22, 2013

Took a day trip with Zoe to the most beautiful place- West Fork Trail in Sedona.  It’s one of the ten most beautiful hikes in the country.  Absolutely breath taking!!  Zoe loved playing in the water and climbing the rocks.  We highly recommend it for you and your dogs.  Definitely worth the drive!

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Lost your dog? Dog Tags that can help bring him home.

January 15, 2013

Found these great dog tags online. You can even order a customized collar that the tag is part of the collar.  No noisy tags to hassle with or worry that his tags have fallen off.  Great idea – I just ordered mine!

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I’m a forever dog

January 10, 2013

It really is this simple………….

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Amazing Border Collie with no eyes- watch her go!

November 15, 2012

Chica the Blind Border Collie Chica, a dog who loves lumbering around the farm where she lives in Clay County, was left blind after her eyes were surgically removed when she was a pup. Remarkably, her sense of direction is keen. She darts from the farm house’s back door to the barn, weaving through chicken […]

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