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Read Dog Training Reviews from our clients. 

I have to say that Lori saved my dog.  
I got my dog from a rescue as a small pup.  She quickly became a large, strong dog.  This is what I wanted, but on top of being large and strong she was strong-willed, pushy, destructive, and because she was fearful of noises she could be reactive.  I have taken my dog to lots of training & socialization classes prior to finding Lori.  They were not helping and my dog was getting more out of control.  I was losing hope.  Then, I found Lori through a recommendation.  I was extremely pleased from the first day I met her.  She listened to my concerns and to what I had already tried and developed a plan from there.  She modified training based on my physical needs and that of my family.  When something didn’t work, she adjusted.  If I texted with an issue, she responded quickly.  As my girl improved, we worked in various locations to improve her skills.  I can now confidently have people visit.  I can take my dog to parks, around other dogs, as well as in stores.  She is now a confident, well behaved and happier dog.  I am still working with my dog, but am confident that with Lori’s help, my dog and I will be able to go anywhere and reach any goal I set for her.
I went from about ready to give up to excitedly looking forward to what I can teach my dog next! Thank you

 Julie Legg

Need to give a shout out to The Dog Squad AZ for helping me to become a better dog mom.  We live in a community with a lot of walking paths and we put them to good use.  We are the proud parents of 3 boxer babies and everyone one we meet comments on how well behaved our dogs are, and I have to give all the credit to Lori Milroy “dog trainer extraordinaire ” she taught me how to train my dogs to make us more enjoyable to everyone. Again thanks Lori for making me do a better job.A.

Linda Andrews -7/21/2018

Absolutely LOVE Lori at The Dog Squad AZ!!! I have known her for 20yrs and trained 3 dogs so far with Lori. My first experience with The Dog Squad AZ was with my GSD Corona, a super high intensity shepherd with crazy drive, stubborn as heck and smart as a whip. I never would have been able to train her on my own. Lori worked miracles with her and me!! I love all of her classes, once you pass a class you are always welcome back at that level. This great for reinforcing good behavior and continued socialization of your dogs.  I regularly drop in during the cooler months of the year with my dogs to work distraction and keep their skills sharp. It’s also fun to meet the new pups she has in class. I recommend Lori and the Dog Squad Az to anyone with a new puppy, or older untrained dog. She doesn’t only teach you how to train your dog but she also teaches the owner how to handle their dog and to change the owners bad habits when it comes to dog training. Excellent business and I don’t use anyone else!!

Mandy Wagner – 2018

I just wanted to take the time to thank Lori for the outstanding training she provided to me and my dog. My goldendoodle puppy, Leo (6 mos), and I just completed the 5 week basic obedience course. I couldn’t be any happier with the experience! My favorite thing about training with Lori is her positive, compassionate, and gentle training approach with each dog/owner. She understands that every dog learns at his/her own pace and is an individual. She also provided many solutions to common problems, such as jumping, since there isn’t one solution that works for all dogs. She made sure to give attention to each dog and owner on an individual basis, even though this was a group class. I was completely impressed! She is truly an amazing trainer, and I recommend her to anyone or any dog. I can’t wait to take my puppy to her intermediate class (and he can’t wait either)! This is the last place you will ever go for obedience training!

Meghan Caldron

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Training with Lori has been fantastic! She is an absolute professional, loves the dogs and has a deep connection with them. Desi took to her right away and she knew just how to get him to respond. She was incredibly patient with me, as training me to train my dog was a far bigger challenge than just training the dog. She tempered our sessions with the right amount of praise and constructive critiques to get the best result from us both. I will use her again when we are ready to move to the next level and have already referred other dog owners to her. Thanks Lori, for all your help and expertise.

 Nadia Hill aka Desi’s Human







What a miracle we found in Lori. We have experienced an extremely positive relationship with her and our 4 dogs. She noticed issues and signs with the pack that we had never even seen or would have looked for in our dogs. Our little angel was actually an instigator of a majority of the problems arising before a dog fight would even start. She made minor changes in our home that helped tremendously with us controlling our pack. The training sessions were so informative and helpful that we could not wait for the next one to happen. We thought we had one problem pup-it turned out to be a pack of 4 with all types of issues we would have never known how to handle. She worked to customize how we spoke, corrected, praised, invited, etc, according to each dog’s personality, attitude and behavior. This was very important as 1 dog was very timid, 1 was extremely anxious, 1 would react just to the tone, and 1 was smart as a whip and played us a bit! We also received HUMAN training which was half the problem in the pack. We were never yelled at, talked down to, told we were wrong, or blamed for problems. She simply pointed out what they had learned from us and gave us knowledge and praise so we could handle the situations with confidence. the pack knows many commands and our home has rules and boundaries which is so amazing and becoming more peaceful every week.

Kim Carter
Peoria, Arizona

I’ve known Lori for almost 20 years and in that time have trained 4 German Shepherds with her, training each dog from beginner through “off leash”. All became well socialized and well behaved, where I could take them anywhere without problems or incidents. Each dog had its own behavior problems from barking to aggression and with Lori’s instruction; I was able to train that behavioral problem away permanently. Lori’s policy of being able to return to future classes of the level you have obtained is tremendous for the occasional need to reinforce my dog’s skills. I have referred All American Academy of Dog Training to numerous friends and acquaintances and they have all come away extremely satisfied with their dog’s training. I highly recommend them to any dog owner wanting to have a well trained dog.

Guy Erickson

I would recommend Lori Milroy highly to anyone getting a new puppy or a adult dog! She is so good with puppies and dogs of every age and temperament. I have taken my dogs to her training classes for the past 12 years. From my new puppy additions, to my older dogs that needed an extra brush up on their training. She is also wonderful with dogs that are having problems in other areas, such as dog aggression issues, to dogs having behavior problems. She has taught me so much, and has always been so positive and kind with my dogs. She has taught both me and my dogs so many things over the years. My home has been a better place for dogs and family alike because of her. I have 3 Great Danes and a rescue Fox Hound, and all of them are a happy, well adjusted pack because of Lori’s help and advise over the years.

Mary McSparen

Thank you for the session with the boys. It really helped all of us a lot. It changed how we are acting with her and that has helped her not respond in her overexcited puppy way.
Merlyne Miner







Thanks so much Lori, Moe and I are so excited to spend the next years trained and happy!  You are not just a great trainer, you have given from your heart and soul.  That beauty will remain with us for a long time.  Celebrate being loved.

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