Rid your home of dog stains and odors

by Lori on March 20, 2013

Feeling a little overwhelmed in your “dog” house.  We’ve all been there.  We love them so much but they sometimes can “take over” your living space.  While you’re training them to have house manners and housebreak them, accidents still happen.  Here’s a tip on finding dog stains.  Purchase an ultraviolet light (black light) available at most hardware stores.  Turn off all your regular lights in the room and shine the black light over the carpet and furniture.   You just might be amazed at the dog stains you will find – they will jump right out at you!  Put some kind of a marker on the stains so you can identify them later with the black light off.    Treat them with a “dog -friendly” stain remover like Natures Miracle (or your other favorite stain remover.)  You’ll soon find those dog stains and odors disappear!

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