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The Dog Squad’s  Happy Dog Grooming Clients and their Pets

Mobile grooming at its finest.  I couldn’t ask for more in a groomer, Jerry truly loves his furry clients.  He cares about their well-being and reports back if he sees any health issues.

I have been using the Dog Squad for many years. I have three fur babies that Jerry grooms and he handles them all at the same time without issue.  Jerry arrives on time, even early some days.

For excellent mobile grooming services I highly recommend The Dog Squad AZ!Jacky Roth

Lisa Roth




Lori and Jerry are absolutely wonderful. We have used them for both dog training as well as grooming (for over 15 years) – they are a truly dedicated team making sure our pets are well cared for.

Their mobile dog grooming is awesome. Jerry is always on time which is great, no waiting around & our dogs love him….not to mention they look beautiful when their grooming is complete. I would definitely recommend them with no hesitation!

Michelle Irvine

Jerry and Lori are the best in grooming and training hands down.  No one is more caring, more dedicated to being sure you enjoy your pet in a happy life.

Jerry coming to the house to groom makes our life so nice  no driving back and forth to groomer – but our main reason was the comfort of our dog.

Knowing she is right outside our door and not in a cage waiting to be groomed our for us to pick her up is very calming for us.

Jerry  is always on time – sometime even early.   He will always go over everything each time – how do you want her cut – any issues etc..

When he is done we have one Happy and Very Pretty Girl.  They are the best!!

Lynn Yanez

We’ve been customers of Lori and Jerry for over 20 years.  Jerry first groomed our Sheltie Mokie and now Sam and Charlie.  Jerry always let’s us know if he sees anything and or recommends to watch something like their ears.  Jerry is excellent at handling the dogs and is very compassionate with them.  He is dependable and very thorough.  When I walk the dogs, I always get compliments on what good looking dogs they are!!  Lori schedules all our grooming dates and is also very dependable and flexible when things come up.  When Sam and Charlie were puppies we took them to Lori for training and she as well was excellent!  We couldn’t be happier with them and we highly recommend them!

Marcia Novel-June 2019

We’ve been using The Dog Squad AZ for grooming for nearly 10 years and have been extremely happy!  We started using them upon a friend’s recommendation.  It is so nice to have a groomer come to the house instead of having to plan a day around dropping off, and being available to pick up.  Also, our dog doesn’t have to sit in a kennel while waiting her turn, which is much less stressful for her.  It only takes 45 minutes to an hour, instead of a minimum of 4 hours at any previous location we had used.  Jerry is always on time, friendly, and knows our dog well.  He not only does a wonderful job grooming, but also looks for anything out of the ordinary that could be concerning.  I HIGHLY recommend them!!  Also, Lori has been a great resource when we were introducing a new pet to our home.

Diana Rossi-September 2018


We have used Jerry as our groomer for the past several years, and he does a great job! He is extremely friendly, always shows up on time (or early!), never has cancelled an appointment, and always lets me know if there are any issues or concerns with my dog. My dog does not smell like chemicals after a grooming, and as an added bonus, my dog always looks adorable after his appointment! I highly recommend Jerry and The Dog Squad AZ for pet grooming.


Jerry is fabulous!  He has been grooming my four-legged family members every 6 weeks for almost as long as he has been in business.  My dogs love him (okay….not the bath part….) and Jerry always does a great job and the prices are reasonable.  I won’t use any other groomer, mobile or not

LeAnn Burns 2019
Peoria, AZ

Lindsay Vardalos-2016

Fantastic! Excellent mobile grooming service, Jerry is simply amazing! I have used the AZ Dog Squad’s services since 1998 with our first Boxer Xena and now with our new family addition Dexter, we continue to be beyond happy with the high level of customer service. Over the years we have worked with Lori to help train our boxer puppies and Jerry to take care of their grooming needs. Our dogs simply love them both and we just wouldn’t call anyone else. Jerry is consistently on time for grooming appointments, always loving, compassionate and friendly. My experience with Lori and her training methods were so beneficial and stress free that I highly recommend her training program for all new dog owners.

The Arnold Family
Paradise Valley, AZ – 2016

We have used The Dog Squad AZ for years now. Our dog  loves Jerry and is always so excited to be groomed.  Our Aussie Is always groomed perfectly.  Jerry is professional and has a true love for dogs! We know our gal is in good hands in the mobile grooming truck!  It is so convenient for us to have him come to our home. This company is well run, professional,  and they have a true love of dogs! Thanks, Jerry!

James Family –

Peoria, Arizona – 2016

Jerry has been grooming my dogs for 16 years. I wouldn’t trust anyone else.  They always look wonderful and they are happy going in and coming out of the grooming trailer.  He is always on time (sometimes early!), always asks how I want them groomed, and gives a full report on every issue or lump he might find during the grooming.  As my dogs have aged he was always very careful and gentle with each one, no matter how frail. My dogs love Jerry!

I have also taken two of my dogs for training with Lori both privately and with classes at The Stock Shop.  Lori is a wonderful trainer.  My current trainee is a rescued yorkie mix who was very reactive of other dogs.  With Lori’s help and a lot of practice he is so much better!  He is still a work in progress but I have great faith that he will continue to improve thanks to Lori.

Kathy Sins

Phoenix, Arizona – 2016


We’ve used (and recommended) Goin’ Groomin (Now the DogSquad) for years.  Jerry is always on time, does it exactly like we ask each time, and most importantly – my dogs aren’t traumatized when they are done!  Jerry is great working my dogs!

Peoria, Arizona


You can’t ask for anything better. He arrives on time (or a little early), listens to exactly what I want and delivers it. He’s done with my girl in about 45 minutes. I get a full report of her in detail so I know there would never be a missed problem or lump. He’s very thorough and polite.

Janet H.

Peoria, Arizona


I have used Jerry’s dog grooming services for the past 10 years.  He is always gentle with my pet, and asks if there are any special concerns which need to be addressed.  Jerry is prompt but also flexible when my schedule changes.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jerry and The Dog Squad Az to friends and family.

Stephanie Hayes

Glendale, Arizona


Callie and Gretta - Goin Groomin. Peoria ArizonaI have a beautiful 11 year old German Shepherd and it’s getting harder and harder to take her to the groomer.  Thanks to Lori my great dog trainer I found Goin’ Groomin’ and now Jerry comes right to the house to groom Gretta.  He does a wonderful job  and is so good with Gretta.  This week he is going to my young 8 month old German Shepherd Callie, it sure beats having my pup shake water all over the house after I bathe her in my walk in shower.

Claudia Buchanan, Peoria, AZ 


Thanks for doing such a good job with Toby and Choncho!!

Venita and Jim

I have been a client of Goin’ Groomin’ for ten years. My miniature poodle is now 13 years old. We had contacted a dog trainer when Bailey was just a puppy, as when my daughters friends would come over, Bailey would chase them and nip their heels.

When Bailey was about a year or so old, I took him to be groomed at a privately owned business in Scottsdale. I was called soon after I dropped him off and was instructed to pick up “Cujo” immediately. The groomer said he had tried to bite her and was acting crazy. He apparently urinated and defecated in the commotion. When I picked Bailey up, he was shaking. I also noticed when I got him home, he was limping. I took him to my vet that said he must have been scared out of his mind, as dogs don’t usually lose control of their bowels and bladder without huge stress. Thank goodness his leg was fine.

Fast forward, as I got another groomer who came to our home. All was fine for about six months. Then, Bailey bit this groomer and had to be quarantined.

Throughout all of this, I would bathe Bailey myself. He was never happy, especially when being brushed. He would show his teeth an bite at the brush.

I called my trainer, who recommended Jerry of Goin’ Groomin’. They, too, owned a training and grooming business and were friends. I warned Jerry about the antics of Bailey, and in his easy going demeanor he said, “no problem”. And, there has been “no problem” ever since. Like I said, Jerry has been grooming Bailey for ten years. He might show his teeth from time to time, but Jerry has control. Not only that, he is a great groomer! Bailey always looks “handsome”. Jerry is reasonable and trustworthy. If I am not home, I can trust Jerry to come inside, get Bailey and take care of him.

I have relied on both him and Lori, his wife, to guide me along the way with advice on dogs. They are like family to me, as anyone who has a pet knows that those who care for their cherished animals become like family.

I highly recommend Goin’ Groomin’ for training and/or grooming. They are THE BEST!

Tammy Belt


We have been using Goin’ Groomin’ for over five years and I cannot tell you how stress free the last 5 years have been.

Every 4 weeks like clockwork Goin’ Groomin’ pulls into my driveway for “Sugar’s” grooming appointment. She is not put into a crate or behind fencing to wait her turn causing undue stress. Jerry walks up to me, takes her into his arms, starts talking to her, asking her how she is, and checks with me to see if she has any problem areas or whatever. When “Sugar” has been bathed and groomed, she pops back in the door and comes running to show me how pretty she looks.

You could not find a groomer more considerate and gentle as Jerry with Goin’ Groomin’. He fills me in if he notices anything while grooming her, which I appreciate very much.

If it were not for Goin’ Groomin’ and their kind, considerate treatment, I believe “Sugar” would go un-groomed because I would worry with anyone else grooming her.

Barbara Thomas

Scottsdale, Arizona